Want to be able to see your photos in a stunning coffee table book, but don’t know where to start? Have you tried to make a book yourself, but just found you don’t have the time? Are you looking for a personalised birthday or anniversary gift?


In a digital world it becomes so easy to lose our photos and forget those special moments. I provide a bespoke service to collate your photos and design a very high quality, but affordable book for you to treasure forever, without the stress of producing it yourself!


I work closely with you, providing an initial consultation to understand your requirements, and you get the final say on the design (via Zoom chat), whether it be moving images around or changing text, you see the final product before it goes to print. You can include any images (from your phone or another photographer) and I will consult with you to design a high quality, but affordable photo album.


So be it, a wedding album that you’ve never got around to putting together, a photo album for the grandparents of your little one or a really special holiday, I can do the hard work and create an album of memories that you can keep for a lifetime.


Prices start at £80. Please get in touch for a personal quote (prices vary depending on the number of photos and size of book etc)



Tanya made the most amazing ‘my first year’ albums of my 2 children and some much needed hard copy records of some of the special family holidays we have had in recent years. Tanya made it so easy for me, all I had to do was choose the photos and put them in a Google Photos Album and she did the rest. The review sessions were great – being able to see the books in progress and know that Tanya’s creative eye was all of them was fantastic!



I can make an album using your own photos, even if they’re just from your phone. They could be images from a special holiday or your wedding photos that you’ve never gotten around to collating. I can also make an album for you of your favourite images from a photo shoot with me. 

Books come in a range of sizes with different paper quality so there are options for all budgets.

Albums are affordable and durable so you can enjoy them for years to come.


Prices start at £80, but will depend on paper choices and size etc.



A massive thank you to Aldcroft Photography for my holiday photobook which I have just received through the post. It is beautiful, and was such an easy process! I sent Tanya the photos taken by several family members on holiday this summer, and she has turned them into a wonderful photobook as a gift for Christmas. A professional, friendly, high quality service throughout – I would recommend her to everyone.



Below are some FAQ, but if you have any further questions before booking, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

How do I send you my photos?

There are a few options for sending me your photos – you can post them to me on a USB or you can share them with me via Google photos, Dropbox or WeTransfer. We can talk about what’s easiest for you.


How big will my album be?

Every album is bespoke and unique to your requirements, so the number of pages really varies. If you’re doing an album of your year, there are likely to be quite a lot of pages, but with multiple photos on each page. Old phone photos are lower quality so it’s generally better to keep the images smaller. A wedding album is more likely to have less images, but because they are high quality, you could have one photo on a double page spread for example.

Will I see a proof of the album before it goes to print?

Once I’ve drafted your album, I will arrange a zoom call with you and share my screen so we can go through the album together to make any adjustments.

How much will the album cost?

My prices start at £80 and the final cost depends on the number of pages and photos. The size and quality of paper you’d like also affects the price, but before I start I give you an estimate and can then keep you informed as I go to make sure you’re happy.


We would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all before booking, please do feel free to give me a call on 07816 752 349.