Bluebell Photo Shoots – What to Expect

Great Outdoors

I always really look forward to my bluebell mini session. I first started photographing children in the bluebells so these sessions have a special place in my heart. The colours are so striking and when the trees are just springing their bright leaves they look so magical in the light. 

I wanted to share with you what to expect on a bluebell mini session (20 minute shoot) and a few hints and tips to help with wardrobe decisions and keeping the kids content. Don’t be worried about how to pose – I will direct you gently through the session so we get natural images full of joy. I want you to love the whole experience. My style (lifestyle photography) is very relaxed and natural, aimed at you all having fun together so I can capture your genuine and loving connections. I have a short questionnaire which I ask you to complete beforehand which helps to maximise the time we have and gives me some guidance on your children’s personalities before I meet them in person. 

Wearing the right colours is particularly important on a bluebell shoot as you have bright purples and greens that you want to compliment. Wearing the right clothes and colours can also make your images more timeless. My advice is for Mum to choose her outfit first – something that makes her feel amazing and special, and then get the rest of the family to fit in around that. I recommend wearing neutral tones like white/cream, grey, light blues and pinks. Layers are always great with little ones and you never know when you’ll get caught in a downpour – it has happened to me on more than one occasion! I’ll generally always have bin bags and a blanket to sit on if we use a log or the ground to avoid soggy bottoms!

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your shoot – give yourself time to park and walk (with the kids) to the location I share with you beforehand. I have a buffer between shoots so if you arrive early we might even be able to crack on straight away. There’s nothing worse than arriving to a shoot feeling harassed from making the kids run and feeling uncomfortable and sweaty so try not to put yourself under any extra pressure in that regard if you can help it. Though I appreciate this can be easier said than done with little ones (hence my 10 minute buffer!).

Bluebells are a protected species so it’s really important that on my shoots I am always conscious of this. Stick to paths and try to stop little ones picking the flowers. We want to respect these woodlands and protect these beautiful flowers for future generations. 

Bring some snacks for the children, preferably nothing too messy, ideal for giving to them when they’re flagging. Not always necessary on a 20 minute mini shoot, but can be handy for a longer one hour shoot. Make sure you’ve got wet wipes and tissues (though I will always bring some too for emergencies!)

Ultimately, relax and enjoy yourself. I want the whole family to have fun and take away a memorable experience as well as some beautiful photos to treasure. If you’d like to book a shoot, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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