Branding Photo Shoot for HR Katie


When one of my best friends started her own business and wanted some headshots, I jumped at the chance! It was obviously a massive hardship for us to hang out for a couple of hours taking photos and then go for lunch afterwards!

Katie’s HR consultancy business was just starting out, so she needed images for her website as well as social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. She was particularly keen to promote her business on Instragram, but she wanted to find small businesses that might benefit from what she was offering. It’s not easy to provide interesting Instagram visuals when you have a desk based job like HR or accountancy, which is where I came in!

We chose to do the shoot in Berkhamsted – we both know it well as we went to school together there and I lived there myself so I knew there would be plenty of variety with the backdrops without having to go far. Katie bought some outfit changes to make sure she’d have a good range of different pictures and could appeal to a range of clients from corporate to small independent businesses.

We first visited Fred & Ginger coffee shop on the high street where we got one of their excellent coffees and had a bit of a brainstorming session. Then we got on with the job in hand and got some great photos. We took photos of Katie working on her laptop and writing in a notebook, as well as some headshots. Katie was also keen to get some stock images for her website, and she’s made great use of these images to add something visual to all of her marketing which feels personal to her.

Next, we went over the road to St Peter’s Church where we had a variety of settings including trees, and the church from different perspectives. Another great backdrop were the pink walls around The Swan which created quite a fun feeling. Finally, we headed to a car park (yes a car park!) which has a living wall of plants on the exterior to make for something a bit different.

Katie said of the experience, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results, as I now have so many high quality images to use for my business going forward.”

Go and check out the variety of images we took together on her Instagram @hr.katie or on her website

This kind of shoot is great for a desk based consultant in professions like HR or accountancy, so if you like the sound of it I’d love to talk to you. I offer a range of services, with prices starting at £85 so drop me a line, I can’t wait to chat about your small business.


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