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Headshot photos are so important to represent your brand and personality. This can often be done with ease with a photo shoot at your home. Depending on your profession, you may have a studio or workshop at home, or it may be that your home represents you because your personality is ingrained in it’s style. Showing a bit of your home is also a great way of showing your client’s a bit about you – I think we’re all a bit nosy and people love to see behind the scenes and where you work. I also think it’s really important to be genuine and authentic so even if your work space isn’t ‘insta perfect’, it is real, and often people appreciate that so much more! I’m sharing some at home branding sessions with you below, and trust me when I say they are very real, not a show home in sight.

Apple Blossom Flowers, Hertfordshire

Tanya at Apple Blossom Flowers in Berkhamsted is an incredibly talented florist, predominantly working with weddings. She always has lots of beautiful content to share with her flowers and being able to use professional photos from weddings to show off her work. She knew that she needed to get better at showing the face behind the business, as this builds trust in clients, in an ever competitive market.

Although not entirely comfortable in front of the camera, she did a great job. We started in her workshop at home which was great for getting her feeling relaxed and working with her hands doing what she does most days. We also got some images of her inside her home doing some ‘admin’ to show the other side of the business. You don’t always have to look straight at the camera either, especially if you feel uneasy and these images look so relaxed and natural. Tanya was really happy with the results.

“I got in touch with Tanya as I wanted some headshots I could use both on my website and social media platforms, particularly Instagram. I wanted to be able to show potential clients the face behind the business, my workspace environment, as well as have some easy content in the bag ready to upload. I am not someone who enjoys having their photo taken but Tanya really made me feel at ease, helped me quickly relax into the whole process and we shared a lot of laughs. Her talent, passion and enthusiasm for what she does really comes across and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Home | Apple Blossom Flowers | Hertfordshire

Relaxed headshot photo of florist Apple Blossom Flowers in her workshop in Berkhamsted by Tanya Aldcroft Photography
Relaxed headshot photo of florist Apple Blossom Flowers in her workshop in Berkhamsted by Tanya Aldcroft Photography
Relaxed headshot photo of florist Apple Blossom Flowers with bouquet in Berkhamsted by Tanya Aldcroft Photography
Relaxed headshot photo with laptop of Apple Blossom Flowers at home in Berkhamsted by Tanya Aldcroft Photography

Tabitha Mary, Bedfordshire

Tabitha is an incredibly talented graphic designer who makes prints of famous locations around the world. She invited me to her home early in 2022 to get some new headshots for her. With a new extension, and lots of her prints to hand, it was the ideal location to show off her work and capture her in a very natural environment. Tabitha’s studio is also in her home, where she designs her prints and packages them up for her clients. We were able to get a huge variety of images for her, including different poster themes like mountains, summer and autumn, as well as some outfit changes for Tabitha so when she posts them on her socials they look really fresh!

Hannah Crabtree Nutrition, Hertfordshire

Berkhamsted nutritionist, Hannah has been using lots of her photographs on her socials. Hannah works face to face with her clients and has a particular interest in female health and the menopause. As a consequence, it’s really important she shows potential clients her face so they can get to know and trust her. Her home was the perfect location so we could see her in action in the kitchen preparing ingredients. We got some photos of her in the garden with her dog, as well as meal planning on her sofa with a cuppa and at her desk. You can easily get some much variety in your gallery, even in the comfort of your own home.

Alex Penelope Artwork, Buckinghamshire

Alex is a local self-taught illustrator and printmaker inspired by the countryside. Her products include cards, mugs and tea towels, but she also works on bespoke commissions. Alex was looking for images to share on her website and socials that would really reflect her love of the outdoors. I captured her at work in her home studio in Ivinghoe, which was authentically busy and and ‘arty’. She often works on her tablet from her sofa so I also photographed her here. We then visited her allotment, which is a great inspiration to her and after a morning of rain, the sun shone for us! Alex’s images really reflect her brand perfectly!


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