Lily and the Family

Great Outdoors

I often get requests to include the family dog in photo shoots, but this was a first – being asked to include the family VW van! We had the most beautiful and warm autumnal day and Lily (the van!) looked perfect amongst the Ashridge countryside. However, it wasn’t all about Lily. It was mainly about getting photos with the grandparents, but Lily was definitely a welcome bonus! The kids love her so she’s become part of the family, and it was really fun to engage them, capturing photos in and around the van.

The shoot was late afternoon on a warm October day so when I arrived at Ashridge and it was super busy (like a sunny bank holiday – IYKYK!), I was rather nervous that we’d be able to get the shots we wanted. Lucky for me, my client had arrived earlier (picnic included) and managed to secure the perfect spot that I’d already scouted out, moving Lily around as people left in their cars. Phew!

We got some really cute photos of the cousins with the van as well as the owners, and once we had given Lily the attention she deserved, I went into the woods with the different family groups to get images of them together, which is what I usually do on shoots! The grandparents weren’t all fully mobile so we got photos of the grandkids with them close to the van and then they were able to relax with Lily. It worked so well and meant the children didn’t have to be ‘on’ all the time, taking it in turns to take the spotlight.

I absolutely love the images we captured and that pop of colour Lily gives amongst the turning autumn leaves was just perfect! Such an honour to photograph these special memories for the family and great for me to do something a bit different – Lily was quite the prop! Here’s what the family had to say:

“WOW! So many wonderful and beautiful images. Thank you soooo much…. really magic moments were captured here. Thank you for all your hard work. You have truly delivered.”


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