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Capture and Connect is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, though it didn’t have a name to begin with! It was something I really wanted to do, but I had the fear of what if no one goes for it, what if it doesn’t work. Then, I thought, what if it does! And you never know until you try. So with my birthday approaching in June, I thought it was a great opportunity to launch it and do a birthday giveaway too so as many people as possible would get eyes on it.

I’m pleased to report that it worked and the first session was a huge success! So, what is it I hear you ask! In a nutshell, it’s a group headshot session with 4 local businesswomen. You get your individual portraits taken whilst being able to socialise with and support the other group members and afterwards to go for a drink to get to know each other a bit better. Hopefully, you’ll leave the session with some new like-minded small business buddies.

The idea came about in 2022 when I started ‘networking’. It’s not something I’ve done before (no need in my previous line of work), but I am a people person and have really enjoyed it. To be fair, I say networking, but the group I’m a member of is more of a community – very relaxed and friendly so it’s never felt like your traditional/ old school networking with pitches and targets (this is most definitely not my jam!).

I liked the idea of bringing local business women together. I say women because I do find that they are the majority who approach me regarding photos for their business. I have loved giving women the confidence to show the face behind the business. I support and cheerlead you through your photo shoot and get such pleasure from seeing my clients proudly sharing their images on social media. Usually whatever insecurities or judgements we have on ourselves, other women don’t see, so I thought why not bring a small selection of women together to support each other through a group photo shoot. You take it in turns to get your individual headshots with a variety of backdrops and then chat and support each other along the way.

It also makes for a really affordable option which is something that was important to me. Times are tough and not everyone can afford a full branding shoot. This option gives you great up to date images without breaking the bank, and if you’ve never had a shoot before, it’s a great way to dip your toe in the water and get a feel for what it might be like. In total, the shoot takes about an hour and we end up in the pub for a bit of a social and a drink. Afterwards, I will edit your images and once you have your gallery, you get to choose your three favourites (included in the cost), and you can buy more if you’d like to.

My first session took place in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire in July 2023. I had set up a What’s App group with the participants beforehand so that everyone could share what they do ahead of time. I sent out my guide and did a recce of the locations I wanted to use. I had someone drop out last minute due to a family emergency which was a shame, but I had a great group – Charlotte from Bailey & Sons jewellers in Berkhamsted was my giveaway winner and I had Kate from Happy Healthy You (a health and wellness coach based in Tring), and finally Nicky from Wilder Ones who is actually an old friend and frequent headshot updater!

They were the perfect group – confident and sociable, with just the right amount of banter. You could just tell that everyone ‘got it’. We did some photos around the Court House and Church, got some leafy backdrops and then walked along the canal for some images there. The we went for a drink at The Boat afterwards. These ladies absolutely smashed it! It was exactly the relaxed feel I was going with plenty of energy and support too. Don’t take my word for it though…

Nicky from Wilder Ones had this to say about the session, “I thought Tanya’s Capture and Connect concept would be the perfect way to refresh my headshots at an affordable price, but I really had no idea how well it would work in other ways. The shoot flowed easily between locations that were scouted by Tanya in advance – they offered brilliant variety whilst being close enough together that we could stroll between them with ease. Having a break between mini shoots while others had their pics taken also gave me a moment to not only chat to others, but re-group and come back to the next set of photos with renewed energy, so that was an unexpected but brilliant benefit. The whole evening was so fun, light-hearted and energising. I would 100% do it again when I need another refresh.”

Here are some of Nicky’s favourite images from the shoot.

Kate of Happy Healthy You said, “A headshot of you is so important to your business, brand and can make your customers feel connected to you. As my business is face to face it’s important for me to have a headshot that captures my personality. I chose Tanya’s Capture and Connect session as it fitted in to my day, was cost effective and a great way to connect with other local businesses. We had a great evening and Tanya took lots of great pictures and you can even purchase more. So refresh your website, socials etc with an updated shot of you and book on Tanya’s next session.”

Charlotte of Bailey & Sons Jewellers in Berkhamsted was my giveaway winner, and although not having followed me before, she was really positive about the experience. “Tanya’s Capture and Connect evening was more than I expected. It was lovely to meet other like minded business owners local to Berkhamsted and hear about their businesses, straight away the conversation was flowing. I never really thought about getting my headshot but was so excited to have won a chance to experience this through Instagram by being tagged in Tanya’s Capture and Connect competition. I felt so privileged! I felt at ease straight away as Tanya’s approach to photography is relaxed and friendly plus we visited lots of lovely places around Berkhamsted so we were always on the move which kept things interesting! The photos which have come back were more than I was hoping for, with such a variety of  backdrops and you can see I had the best time in my expressions! I would highly recommend if you need a headshot to get in touch with Tanya, show the face behind your business! “

I’m hoping to hold these sessions monthly so if you’ve got FOMO and you’re interested, please get in touch to join my waiting list. I guarantee you won’t regret it! Please email me for more information


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