Bluebells and More – Mummy and Me Photo Shoot

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I usually reserve the bluebells for mini photo sessions, but after a postponed photo shoot due to bad weather I tagged on an hour long shoot to the end of a day of bluebell mini sessions. The results were pure joy!

Sarah and her children joined me for a bluebell mini session which is always fun – the flowers are so beautiful and magical, people are always so happy to arrive at my Hertfordshire location. We got some beautiful portraits of the family together and the children had a run around and a giggle. I always take group shots of all the family, images of siblings together and also individual portraits.

It would be tough to do a full hour shoot in the bluebells as it’s such a small piece of woodland, and I always stick to paths so we don’t damage these endangered flowers. So, once we’d had our fill of bluebells we went for a walk in a nearby field. The kids ran, played ring-a-ring-a-roses and row row your boat with their Mum. I find being out in nature, spending quality time together with no other distractions brings out the best in everyone. This family were no exception as you can see from the joy in their faces. I’m so pleased with the images we got and when Mum saw the gallery she cried! That’s just the greatest compliment for me.

This year I’ve already booked 2 extended family sessions with grandparents at the same location. The paths around the bluebells are really small so having the fields for getting all 10 family members in a spacious area with a beautiful view will be really great, but they’ll also get some bluebell magic too! I can’t wait to share this years images with you in a few months!

If you’re interested in a bluebell mini session or an extended session, please get in touch

Brother and sister running amongst the bluebells at a family photo shoot near Tring, Hertfordshire
Mother with son and daughter in a field at a family photo shoot near Tring, hertfordshire


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